Role- Creative Designer- Logo, Wireframe, Illustration, Animation, Sound Design.
Team- Creative Content Writer, Project Manager, Narrator.
Deliverables- Logo, Animation video, marketplace cover.
Autoboost is a valuable add-on application to systems that facilitates unique automation, that is not achievable organically within

As a designer, my tasks ranged from creating a distinctive logo to developing frames for Monday's marketplace and crafting an animated video to elucidate Autoboost's functionalities. The process involved meticulous design, a collaborative back-and-forth with the product managers and developers to refine the visual expressions, and culminated in the creation of a voice guide for the video.

Working in After Effects, I meticulously timed the animation, resulting in a rough cut that was presented to Boost for their feedback. Once approved, we professionally recorded the sound, refined the video's movement, and added sound effects, delivering a polished and effective animation to introduce Autoboost to the world.
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