Earth Day 2023

Client- Netafim
Landing page
Product designer (UX+UI), Illustrator, Developer
Project manager
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Orbia's Precision Agriculture business, Netafim, is a global leader in precision agriculture solutions and the world's largest irrigation company. Netafim is committed to combating the scarcity of food, water, and land for a sustainable future. As part of its corporate responsibility, Netafim encourages actions for the planet among its employees and customers.

One significant project in this area is the annual Earth Day landing page. This landing page aims to promote actions for preserving the earth and encourages volunteering in various fields to benefit the environment.

The Process

Research on Earth Day
Competitor research
Netafim Visual Research
Textual content organization
Concept formation
Webflow development


The project faced several challenges that needed to be addressed:
Low budget: The project had limited working hours and only a third of the budget compared to previous years.
Fixed client expectations: The clients were mentally fixed on the project's previous look and had specific expectations for its design.
Unique and original project: While maintaining the legacy of previous projects, the team needed to create a unique and original design.


  1. Information accessibility: Enable users to understand how they can contribute to the planet through simple actions.
  2. Engagement: Motivate users to take action for the sake of the planet.
  3. Community building: Foster a connection among users as employees of the company by promoting collective efforts for the greater good.

Target Audience

The target audience for the landing page was Netafim's employees, consisting of approximately 5,000 staff members across 110 countries. The age range varied from 24 to 50, with diverse roles ranging from operations personnel to sales, engineers to marketing. The majority of employees had average technological abilities, primarily in Microsoft software.


After arranging the texts and processing them, I started with the production of a low-fidelity wireframe on paper. I presented the wireframe to the client and we moved to a high-fidelity wireframe that includes the elements from the existing design that we wanted to preserve.

Design Process

Considering the reduced budget, the clients expected a design similar to previous years. However, I aimed to maintain consistency while introducing new and unique elements to sustain user enthusiasm and attention.

I created three different concepts for the project, focusing on re-use, impact, and continuity. After presenting these concepts to the client, it was decided to combine concepts 2 and 3, highlighting the impact and connecting it to the Earth's story that had been present in previous iterations.

Final Result

The design language for the landing page was based on Netafim's existing brand identity. It utilized their font and color palette, with the addition of a colorful figurative language to emphasize people and actions. The logo representing the "using less, doing more" movement served as a typographic motif, breaking down sentences into actionable steps. The color scheme combined Netafim's blue with a palette of greens, symbolizing the connection between Netafim and environmental conservation.

The illustration language created for the landing page focused on showcasing people and their actions, demonstrating the reuse of materials and inspiring users.


The landing page successfully conveyed information on how users can contribute to the planet through simple actions, while also promoting engagement and community building.
I provided training to the Netafim team on editing the page in Webflow, enabling them to upload images and edit content after the website went live.
Lessons Learned
The project allowed for improvement in technical abilities, specifically working on a digital experience website in Webflow. Additionally, it highlighted the importance of establishing a strong and creative relationship with customers within a limited timeframe, exceeding their expectations.
By addressing the challenges and achieving the goals set for the project, the landing page served as a platform to inspire Netafim's employees and foster their commitment to environmental preservation.
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