safe space

Role- Creative Designer- Logo design, Animation, social media Design.
Team- Entrepreneur, Producer, video photographer, Editor.
Deliverables- Animated Logo, Animation, Social Media Design, Album Cover.
'Safe Space,' holds a special place in my heart. It's a collective of artists who have come together with a shared determination - to keep creating and to stand together. In a time when emotional support and mental strength are so important, we've found redemption and strength in the power of art.

As a graphic designer, my role was creating the project's visual identity. I've designed a strategy for the brand, crafted a captivating logo, established a unique visual language, and shaped Safe Space's social media design, that communicates our mission of healing and hope. I've also lent my creative touch to the animation of the music videos and designed an album cover that encapsulates the essence of this project.
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