Social Space

Role- Branding Designer- Logo design.
Team- Project Manager.
Deliverables- Modular logo.
'Social Space' is a non-profit organization that transforms abandoned buildings into social projects, with the aim of promoting social action in Israel.

I got to know the social space as a student, when I presented a project I designed at the exhibition #MeToo.NowWhat in the Colosseum building (formerly the 'pussycat' strip club). The building remains standing and tours and activities are held in it for the benefit of women's organizations and survivors of prostitution. The social space association that operated there decided to expand its project to other abandoned buildings in Israel and asked to rebrand itself accordingly.

As a designer at Fine Line Studio, I created a rebranding process for the association, visually connecting architecture (the White City, Bauhaus) and significant social activity.
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